Constellation Moving Company

Aerial-Dance-Theater Assemblage

[A book of essays can be a] constellation. Individual pieces shine like stars, but to see the whole project as a unified thing requires a mythology. You need faith to make out a shape around all those dots of light, to believe in the bear or the swan.
Ben Greenman

I began to understand that for me, art was no longer about self-expression
but about creative engagement with the world.
Ayad Akhtar


Constellation Moving Company is a multi-disciplinary movement theater of ideas.

Constellation Moving Company is a project-based collective specializing in performance assemblages that combine elements of aerial acrobatics, dance, music, text, and video.

Constellation Moving Company strives to expand the creative potential of aerial work by exploring complex themes and narratives; activating the full range of our faculties with a mix of intellectual stimulation, emotional resonance, and physical dynamism.  

Constellation Moving Company coalesced in 2010 (ish) as a vehicle for creation and calls up for action a recurring yet fluid team of fabulous mutants whenever needed.

Constellation Moving Company is all about making stuff together and sharing the stuff we make.

As we continue to clarify our objectives, moving forward, we'll be asking more and more: How do you make and share more effectively? How do you use art in the service of social justice?  How do you use art in the service of teaching and learning, informing and transforming?  How do you use art to inspire and empower? (Constellation Moving Company wants to hear your thoughts…)


FOUNDING members



Maia Ramnath, Founder/Artistic Director.

Besides choreographing and performing her own work for Constellation, Maia has appeared as a freelance aerialist and dancer with various artists including Pat Catterson/9 Lives Dance, Yonder Window Theater Company, the Neo-Political Cowgirls, Hybrid Movement Company, David Michalek and Yvonne Rainer’s film Slow Dancing/Trio A, Jill Sigman/thinkdance, Elise Knudsen & Bianca Falco’s Nuvole Dance Theater, Nadia Lesy’s Bullettrun, the Merce Cunningham RUGs, Cirque Boom, Cirquetacular Entertainment, and others.  She is also a prolific writer, editor and teacher: she has taught aerial rope and silk at Circus Warehouse and Aerial Arts NYC; South Asian and world history and writing at NYU, Penn State and Fordham University.



Sato has worked with Mark Dendy, Igal Perry and others as a dancer in New York since 1993. She performs under the stage name "Cyberbutoh," incorporating theatrical entertainment with modern art ( Her passions include: Aerial, Argentine Tango and Video/Film.



Scott Combs, Associate Director

Scott learned static trapeze from Helene Turcotte and Elena Panova at San Francisco Circus Center. He has directed or co-directed three full-length productions for Constellation Moving Company, and is interested in exploring the dramaturgical and cinematic potential of circus movement.



Megan has had the good fortune to train under many stunning aerialists, primarily Susan MurphyElsie Smith and Serenity Smith Forchion. She has performed and taught extensively in the US and abroad, and her choreography is featured in the book Aerial Dance (Bernasconi and Smith, 2008). Megan currently teaches at the Circus Warehouse, and she is the co-founder of the aerial dance project Flight Collaborative. She is also an ecologist based at Columbia University researching forest dynamics in Indonesian Borneo.

Wendy Louie

We are a constellation of lights in shifting patterns.

In putting together the starting line-up for each highly collaborative project, we draw on a recurring pool of multi-talented artists, technicians, logisticians, performers and creators.



look up

there are points of light in the sky

what patterns can you see?

moving your perspective turns the kaleidoscope

layers new patterns attached to different stories

i see orbiting bodies

i see gravity, and defiance of gravity

no, not defiance, working with not against

gravity is our friend

that’s how we come together

interlacing our dances

sharing electrons (oh wait, that’s another force)